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I had the problem with Occi server in newest Opennebula 2.9.90. Http to port
4567 with the browser Firefox (V.6) always gave me the error " Basic auth
not provided" which was related to authorization_key not received in
Rack:Abstractrequest module. All my VM and occi-server worked fine inside
Opennebula with Sunstone, no error. I use curl with user and password to
test the http to occi server. The http response  is 200 OK, that means
occi-server is working, sent back the resource in Compute, Storage or
Network on server terminal.

I researched two weeks to figure it out but in vain.
Could you help me with the right authentication configuration or right
syntax for http accessing to show VM in the browser? It seems to me that
nobody on the internet shows how OCCI shows up VM in the browser.

Thanks very much in advance.

Tai Nguyen
IT specialist
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