[one-users] Binding VMs to clusters, maybe on a per user policy

Gian Uberto Lauri saint at eng.it
Wed Sep 21 08:04:27 PDT 2011

Hello gentlemen!

I  know that  OpenNebula has  REQUIREMENTS  that can  bind a  VM to  a
certain cluster.

But I have  this problem. We will  allow users to create  VMs using an
OCCI+OVF  implementation  Engineering  is   writing  for  the  Venus-C
project. At  first I thought  that adding  the requirement on  the fly
would have done  the work since I  needed to redirect the  all the VMs
created with  OCCI+OVF to a  single cluster, but  this could be  a bad
choice for general usage, so I started wondering if there were already
hooks to  get the  scheduler choose  the right  cluster for  a certain
user ? Or should I use Haizea ?

ing. Gian Uberto Lauri
Ricercatore / Reasearcher
Laboratorio Ricerca e Sviluppo / Research & Development Lab.
Area Calcolo Distribuito / Distributed Computation Area

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