[one-users] opennebula ruby library for sunstone

Teddy Limousin mongaru007 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 11:22:52 PDT 2011

hi guys,

I have a question regarding the ruby library for opennebula.

I have installed opennebula with the command sudo apt-get install opennebula
on my ubuntu machine, but this does not install sunstone, so what I did was
to copy the sunstone that comes in the opennebula tarball and configured to
use my opennebula instalation.

first question:
Why when trying to allocate a vm I got the error that there is no OpenNebula
library loaded.

Second question:
After having that error I installed the oca gem with gem install oca and
after that I got the error 'Method 'one.userpool.info' not defined', why is
that if I installed the oca gem and imported it on the SunstoneServer.rb

Third question:
If I use the tarball installer the sunstone works fine and there is no oca
gem installed, where does the ruby library for opennebula is stored.

Thanks and regards

Teddy Limousin
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