[one-users] vm disk is not showing as save

Teddy Limousin mongaru007 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 07:24:03 PDT 2011

Hi guys,

I have created a template file for my vm and I want to test the 'save'
property, so I wrote this line into my template file

DISK = [image="cento-save",save=yes]

This means that I have a public image called 'cento-save' and I want that
disk to be saved with his changes.

My questions are:

- What does the 'save' property does when I use it with a public image, does
it publish a new image with different name or
does it override the 'cento-save' image.
- Why when using the configuration above and created a new vm, when
executing the command 'onevm show' I got the value
of the 'save' property with NO value. Am I missing any concept here?

Any help would be apreciated.


Teddy Limousin
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