[one-users] Bacula and OpenNebula

Fabian Wenk fabian at wenks.ch
Mon Oct 17 07:52:40 PDT 2011

Hello Richard

On 17.10.2011 12:45, Richard Palmer wrote:
> 	Or perhaps the backup agent should run inside each virtual machine
> 	rather than backing up the vm image ?. Any advantages/disadvantages ?

Personally I would run the bacula-fd inside the VM and back it up 
as I do it with a physical systems. The advantage is, that the OS 
in the VM is running without any interruption.

With the stopped/suspended VM and backing up the image file, you 
have the advantage of doing a snapshot backup of the file system 
of the VM. But then it would probably also help to backup the 
memory of the running VM (does the OpenNebula or Hypervisor write 
this to disk when doing 'onevm suspend <vm_id>'?). But the 
disadvantage is the paused OS during the backup, any running 
services on it (eg. web sites) are not available then. And 
probably also currently open network connections can break. This 
depends of the duration of the backup.

I guess the decision depends also of the usage of the VM. Both 
scenarios have advantages and disadvantages.


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