[one-users] hybridfox not working with econe-server

Patrice LACHANCE patlachance at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 02:38:28 PDT 2011

Hi Daniel

No, I get an authentication failure messages. By the way, I test using an
EC2 instance. Could it be related to public/private IP translation (NAT)?

* Directives in apache ssl.conf file
ProxyPass /econe/
ProxyPassReverse /econe/

* econe-server.conf
:one_xmlrpc: http://localhost:2633/RPC2
:server: localhost
:port: 4567
:ssl_server: <my FQDN>

# Authentication protocol for the econe server:
#   ec2, default Acess key and Secret key scheme
#   x509, for x509 certificates based authentication
:auth: ec2

# VM types allowed and its template file (inside templates directory)
    :template: m1.small.erb

* URL testing using browser (so I can reach econe-server)

<Response><Errors><Error><Code>AuthFailure</Code><Message>User not

* Hybridfox region configuration
Name: ONE cloud
Type: Eucalyptus (same as EC2 regions... I tried both types without success)

Endpoint URL: https://cloud.itisopen.net/econe/

* Hybridfox credentials
Account Name: econeusr
AWS Access Key: econeusr => user account defined in opennebula for hybridfox
AWS Secret Access key: <passwd string from 'oneuser show econeusr'>

* Testing with Hybridfox
When I move to the Instance tab, I get the following error
  "EC2 responded with an error for DescribeRegions
   Request ID: 0
   Fault Code: AuthFailure
   Details: User not aothorized"


  "EC2 responded with an error for DescribeInstances
   Request ID: 0
   Fault Code: AuthFailure
   Details: User not aothorized"

Nothing helpfull in the econe-server.log file. Is there a variable to set to
have debug information in the file (I quickly browsed the econe-server code
but could not find one)

Last thing to note if you plan to contact the Hybridfox developer, when I
make these tests, I can't get hybridfox to connect to EC2 regions after
testing connection to econe-server. I keep having authorization failure
messages and I have to restart firefox...


2011/10/14 Daniel Molina <dmolina at opennebula.org>

> Hi Patrice,
> 2011/10/14 Patrice LACHANCE <patlachance at gmail.com>:
> > Anyone tried connecting with hybridfox to econe-server behind apache
> > reverse-proxy + mod_rewrite
> > Keep having Auth Failures ...
> I have tried using the OpenNebula Public Cloud and I get the following
> error:
> "Please check your EC2 URL https://cloud.opennebula.org/ for
> correctness, or delete the value in ec2ui.endpoints using about:config
> and retry."
> Are you getting the same error?
> I will open a ticket regarding this issue and will try to contact the
> hybrid fox developers. I have tried using previous versions of Hybrid
> Fox and there was no problem
> Cheers.
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