[one-users] hybridfox not working with econe-server

Daniel Molina dmolina at opennebula.org
Fri Oct 14 02:15:06 PDT 2011

Hi Patrice,

2011/10/14 Patrice LACHANCE <patlachance at gmail.com>:
> Anyone tried connecting with hybridfox to econe-server behind apache
> reverse-proxy + mod_rewrite
> Keep having Auth Failures ...

I have tried using the OpenNebula Public Cloud and I get the following error:
"Please check your EC2 URL https://cloud.opennebula.org/ for
correctness, or delete the value in ec2ui.endpoints using about:config
and retry."
Are you getting the same error?

I will open a ticket regarding this issue and will try to contact the
hybrid fox developers. I have tried using previous versions of Hybrid
Fox and there was no problem


Daniel Molina
Project Engineer
OpenNebula - The Open Source Toolkit for Cloud Computing
www.OpenNebula.org | @dmamolina

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