[one-users] Using images accessible to the nodes but not to the server?

Ismael Farfán sulfurfff at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 11:04:31 PDT 2011

Hello list

I was allowed to use some nodes from a cluster as worker nodes,
I can access directly to them using ssh, the nodes share a common
NFS filesystem.

My server is in a different location, so I can't mount the NFS share
from it, and the connection between the nodes and the server is
rather slow.

**I copied the VM disks to the NFS share, so I'd like to know if it's
possible to configure ONE to allow me to use VM images that the
worker nodes can see but not the server.**

So far everything else seems to work, if I copy the deployment.0
to the worker node and edit the path to the image, I can successfully
create the image using
virsh -c 'qemu:///system' create deployment.0
(though I have to delete the definition of the cdrom used for the
contextualization of the VM)

So, any ideas?

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