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Here are full details .

This work is to have a architecture to introduce IaaS and SaaS to Wireless
Sensor Networks to make it “cloud enabled”, and hence flexible and scalable.
virtual sensor cloud provides an IaaS for sensors management. and the
following services 1. Abstract representation of sensors/sensor networks 2.
Management of virtual machines spawned on demand on request by the service
cloud/end user
Now  I understood till creation of data block image
my question is, how to put/deploy  the data which are received from sensor
to opennebula data block image  which I have created ? so that it can
provide these data to SaaS/enduser for computing or processing them later  .


On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 3:47 PM, bharath pb <bharathapbr at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I’m new to the cloud computing softwares , I have selected Open Nebula for
> creation for virtual cloud for the sensor data .
> My work is to create a virtual sensor cloud, so that end users can access
> the sensor data etc .
> I have a sensor network which gives the real-time data to the PC, at PC I
> have a driver which I can receive the data and put in to XML format.
> Now I’m facing lots of problem at the interface of this in to the open
> nebula.
> How to interface this xml to the open nebula..?
> Do I really need to create a VMs because my cloud just has to provide
> (IaaS) service to the end user queries   , quires may be “ one time sensor
> value” , “history values, for the last one week” etc  ..?
> Can you provide a good doc to understand the opennebula Architecture ..?
> rgds
> Bharath
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