[one-users] is Ttylinux diffrent for opennebula

bharath pb bharathapbr at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 03:11:04 PDT 2011


 I  tried to install the ttylinux 9.10.iso image  directly from  ttylinux
site  using opennebula, but here I could deploy on the VM  runs but I could
not do SSH to the running OS on the VM ..? when I download same located in
opennebula site it runs well .

Is the OS located in opennebula site (
http://dev.opennebula.org/attachments/download/355/ttylinux.tar.gz ) and the
one I downloaded from  ttylinux site(
http://www.minimalinux.org/ttylinux/Download/ttylinux-i486-9.10.iso.gz)  are
same ..?

Do they build any extra thing to that ,,?

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