[one-users] ping stops working after a normal migration

Adnan Pasic pqado at yahoo.de
Tue Jul 26 02:04:15 PDT 2011

Hello guys,
maybe you can help me with following issue. I have created a little cloud with a host and two worker nodes. The setup went successfully until now, I am able to create VM's and move them via normal and live migration.
Another (possibly) important information is that I configured my virtual bridge on both worker nodes like this:

auto br0 iface br0 inet static address 192.168.0.[2|3] netmask network broadcast #gateway bridge_ports eth0 bridge_stp on bridge_maxwait 0
The command "brctl show" gives me following things back:

bridge name    bridge id            STP enabled    interfaces
br0            8000.003005c34278    yes            eth0
                                                   vnet0 (<- only appears on node with running VM)

virbr0         8000.000000000000    yes

According to thelibvirt wiki this setting is good as is. However, the issue I'm having is that when I create a VM and assign a static IP to it, which looks like e.g., 
I firstly am able to ping this VM from both worker nodes, and also when I perform a live migration the ping stops for a few seconds (until the nodes realize the new route to this VM) and then starts pinging normally again.

However, when I perform a normal migration the ping doesn't recover anymore, but answers repeatedly with: Destination Host Unreachable

Do you know what could be the problem? Where is the difference between a normal and live migration and how can the ping after live migrating still work, but after a normal migration not?

Thanks a lot!
Regards, Adnan
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