[one-users] Hi, I have some questions about Open vSwitch management in Opennebula 3(feature 476).

wen.yang at cs2c.com.cn wen.yang at cs2c.com.cn
Mon Jul 25 17:58:04 PDT 2011

Hello developers:

I am interesting about feature 476 that Open vSwitch
management in Opennebula 3. I download the source code by git. I have some

(1) How to use scripts in /src/vnm_mad? I can't find the C++
code that call vnm_mad scripts in Opennebula 3. If I want to use these
scripts to test the Open vSwitch management function, what should I

(2) In vnm_mad scripts, 'brctl' command is used to control bridge. The
'brctl' command can't work normally if the bridge module is not loaded. But
it is neccessary to start Open vSwitch that remove the bridge module(rmmod
bridge). Moreover, Open vSwitch has a database named 'ovsdb', all
information(such as bridge,port,and so on) be stored in ovsdb. The bridge
created by 'brctl' command can't be used by Open vSwitch because the bridge
information isn't stored in ovsdb. So, I think that the 'brctl' command
can't be used in vnm_mad scripts.

I execute the following

brctl addbr br0

rmmod bridge





ovs-vsctl add-port
br0 eth0

Error message is printed as "bridge br0 not exist". 

forward to your reply.
Thanks & best regards!
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