[one-users] Detecting potential failures earlier

Steven Timm timm at fnal.gov
Tue Jan 18 12:39:20 PST 2011

I have had several virtual machine launches fail recently,
some in failing to create the deployment file due to a missing
bootloader option, others in failing to create the contextualization
ISO because i had specified the inclusion of a file that wasn't there.
In both cases OpenNebula does all the work of scp'ing over
my fairly big OS image to the VM host before it checks these
parameters.. why couldn't there be a syntax check which determines
that the VM is doomed to fail before doing all the work of copying
over the OS image?

Steve Timm

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timm at fnal.gov  http://home.fnal.gov/~timm/
Fermilab Computing Division, Scientific Computing Facilities,
Grid Facilities Department, FermiGrid Services Group, Group Leader.
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