[one-users] Interact with running VM

Filippo Dalla Gassa pippo.dallagassa at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 06:35:49 PST 2011

I create a vm with this template

    NAME = "Ubuntu-Server"

    MEMORY = 512

    CPU = 1

    VCPU = 1

    OS = [
       ARCH = i686

    DISK = [
       IMAGE = "Ubuntu Server"

    NIC = [NETWORK = "Public"]

    NIC = [NETWORK = "Other"]

After the vm goes running I try to ping the IP address assigned to the 
vm but the result is "Destination host is unreachable". Also if I use 
onevm show I see all monitored values (memory, cpu, net_tx, net_rx) are 
0 (possible there is no activity?) and in log file they result as -1, so 
for some reason it can't monitor the vm (but it can monitor the host). 
Finally I can't stop the virtual machine, if I try the state remains 
"running" and log file says

    Mon Jan 10 10:34:51 2011 [LCM][I]: New VM state is SAVE_STOP
    Mon Jan 10 10:35:22 2011 [VMM][E]: Error saving VM state, -
    Mon Jan 10 10:35:22 2011 [LCM][I]: Fail to save VM state. Assuming
    that the VM is still RUNNING (will poll VM).

I use vmware server as hypervisor, what can I do?


Filippo Dalla Gassa

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