[one-users] Context disk location problem when VM_DIR !=$ONE_LOCATION/var

Shi Jin jinzishuai at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 22:00:38 PST 2011

Hi there,

I used to let the VM_DIR to be the default of $ONE_LOCATION/var.
Now I set it to something else. But I am having problem with the context

When I specify the context, the disk.1 is still in the $ONE_LOCATION/var
while disk.0 and the deployment.0 are already in the VM_DIR and most
importantly deployment.0 still assumes the disk.1 in the same place as

I traced down the problem to be the tm_context.sh script which
* to actually change the output file from in VM_DIR to $ONE_LOCATION/var in
the case of the two being different. Is this a bug? Simply comment out this
line would get it working again.

I am using the tm_nfs driver.

Thank you very much.

Shi Jin, Ph.D.
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