[one-users] Error with TM_LVM

Anoop L anpl1980 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 05:26:54 PST 2011


I have successfully created a VM from Front-End to a Xen node However on
creating the second VM I get an error:

Wed Feb 16 18:45:24 2011 [TM][I]: tm_clone.sh: Creating LV lv-one--0
Wed Feb 16 18:45:24 2011 [TM][I]: tm_clone.sh: ERROR: Command "/usr/bin/ssh
node-1 /usr/bin/sudo /sbin/lvcreate -L20G -n lv-one--0 vg00" failed.

My VM template:
NAME   = centos55
CPU    = 1
MEMORY = 2048
OS      =   [ bootloader = "/usr/bin/pygrub" ]

DISK  = [  image = "centos5564_Base.img"]

DISK   = [
 type     = swap,
 size     = 5120
 #target   = sdb

NIC = [ BRIDGE = "xenbr0", MAC = "00:16:3E:02:03:05" ]
FEATURES=[ acpi="no" ]

 type    = "vnc",
 listen  = "",
 port    = "5916" ]

The same template is used for creating first VM and it all was working fine.
Except the swap is not created as an LV.

How can I change this template so as to create a new LV for swap partiotion.
Please note that I have not created any LV manually. If I create a LV
manually how can I specify this in the VM template.

I am stuck on this for some time and posted this multiple times with no

Any help would be appreciated.

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