[one-users] New sharedlvm Transfer Manager driver

Roberto Sassu roberto.sassu at polito.it
Wed Feb 9 05:53:20 PST 2011

Hi all

me and Paolo developed a new Transfer Manager driver in
order to add support for LVM on a shared storage
Please consider this driver is in a very early development
stage, so it is not guaranteed it works for all possible
Another important thing is that, because this driver uses
LVM without the clustering extensions, it may be possible
to experience LVM metadata corruption (however, this
never happened in our test cloud).

This driver requires:

- iSCSI target on one node (IMPORTANT!! Add this option: write-cache off);
- iSCSI initiators on all nodes (frontend + other cluster nodes);
- LVM with file-based locking enabled.

Steps required to enable the driver:

1) Edit the configuration file /etc/lvm/lvm.conf in the host that exports
    the device and set the "filter" parameter by replacing the involved line with:

    filter = [ "r|<exported device>|" ]

    This is required in order to prevent LVM to access the exported device without
    passing from the iSCSI interface.

2) Extract the content of the attached tarball to $ONE_LOCATION;

3) Set the LVM volume group name in the file $ONE_LOCATION/etc/tm_sharedlvm/tm_lvmrc
     by editing the variable VG_NAME;

4) Add these lines to the configuration file $ONE_LOCATION/etc/oned.conf:

TM_MAD = [
    name       = "tm_sharedlvm",
    executable = "one_tm",
    arguments  = "tm_sharedlvm/tm_lvm.conf" ]

5) Remove all cluster nodes added with the "onehost" utility;

6) Re-add all cluster nodes to the cloud by executing:

onehost create <cluster node name> <virt driver> <inf driver> tm_sharedlvm

6) Enjoy it!


Roberto Sassu
Paolo Smiraglia
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