[one-users] Need Help for OPENNEBULA Express Installation

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I am also having this issue. The error message is also a bit obscure (what is unable to connect to where? The frontend to the node?). I am guessing I am missing some configuration from the network interfaces. The guide is very brief about configuring the bridges. I'd appreciate an example to the bridging in a simple 2 computer subnet setup, as the guide is supposed to be "plug-and-play" instructions.

Did you Sundervel configure a bridge using bridgectl? If so, from which interface to where?


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Subject: [one-users] Need Help for OPENNEBULA Express Installation

 HI ,

         I had installed and configured OPENNEBULA CLOUD ENVIRONMENT as

 per the below link


 but am facing some issue like

 when I run the command : onevm list

 it results in

 Connection refused - connect(2)

I have 2 servers

1,FrontEnd (Ubuntu 10.04)

2,Node      (Ubuntu 10.04) + VT Enabled Processor

 please Can anyone help me in solving the issue.

 Thanks & Regards


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