[one-users] VM stays in MIGRATE when trying to livemigrate it

Adnan Pasic pqado at yahoo.de
Wed Aug 31 12:40:03 PDT 2011

Hello guys,

I have the following problem - I had two cluster PCs and a Host PC where
opennebula already was installed and worked as expected. However, I've been
told to change the Hard Disk in one of the clusters, which meant installing
new Ubuntu on this HD and installing the cluster-part of ONE on it.

I thought that this should create no problems if I just configure this
cluster correctly which I did.

However, now when I try to migrate or livemigrate any deployed VM, this VM
stays in SAVE or MIGRATE respectfully. Nothing else happens.

After issuing a "virsh list" command on both clusters I can see that the
source-cluster still shows the VM as "running", and the destination-cluster
shows "paused" which is as expected. But still the migration just never


Another interesting thing is that if I deploy another VM, this one stays in
BOOT all the time.without failing or anything.


The vm.log files don't show anything suspicious.

Do you have any idea where I could keep on searching for the error? Could it
be that the known_hosts file doesn't fit anymore because of the change? But
still, the "NoStrictHostChecking" is set to no, so this shouldn't produce
the problem either, right???


Please help!

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