[one-users] Worng state to perform action

Manish Sapariya manish at kpoint.in
Wed Aug 17 01:05:17 PDT 2011

My setup:
- OpenNebula 2.9.80
- Frontend : CentOS 5.6 (64bit)
- Hypervisor : CentOS 5.6 (64bit)

Whenever I deploy VM I get "Worng state to perform action".
However things seems to be fine and deploy works as expected.
Is this expected?

By the way note the spelling mistake "Wrong is spelled as Worng".

# onevm list
     ID USER     GROUP    NAME         STAT CPU     MEM        
     23 oneadmin oneadmin one-23       runn   4    128M quad1.gslab.com 
00 00:13:32
     26 oneadmin oneadmin one-26       prol   0      0K quad1.gslab.com 
00 00:00:02
# onevm deploy 26 5
[VirtualMachineDeploy] Worng state to perform action


Thanks and Regards,

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