[one-users] [ExternalEmail] Guest cannot configure network interface if started from OpenNebula

Carsten.Friedrich at csiro.au Carsten.Friedrich at csiro.au
Thu Sep 23 23:40:17 PDT 2010

Surprisingly this problem seems to be OpenNebula 2.0 specific. When I switch back to my old 1.4 installation, the same image and template work fine...


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I'm looking for some ideas how to debug the following problem:

* I use OpenNebula 2.0 beta.
* I have a Ubuntu 10.4 guest image.
* I have a Ubuntu 10.4 host with kvm and its network interface set up in bridging mode.

If I start the guest image from the "Virtual Machine Manager" application the guest can see and configure its network interface without problems. If I start the same guest image, with as similar parameters as possible, from OpenNebula it boots fine and I can connect through VNC, but the guest cannot configure its network card. It can see that the device exists and list it on "ifconfig -a", but any attempt to bring it up or assign it an IP address results in error messages. An ifconfig on the host reveals that vnet0 and vnet1 were created and attached to the bridge. The ifconfig output is basically identical (apart from MAC etc...).

Any ideas on what the problem could be or what I should look at would be highly appreciated. I'm happy to send more detailed information like xml dump from virsh, ifconfig output etc. if this helps.


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