[one-users] OpenNebula block type disk and xen "phy" type disk

Ruben Diez rdiez at cesga.es
Mon Sep 27 00:44:16 PDT 2010


We are attempt to use a physical disk partition (for example, /dev/sda4) 
of the physical node as a disk of the VM....

In Xen, this can be done by using the "phy:" declaration of the disk 
image. For example, for declare 2 disk, image file disk.0 as hda and 
/dev/sda4 as physical dev, we can do in xen:

disk = [

But: how can we declare this stuff in Opennebula?? We attempt to use the 
"block" type disk type, in this way:

DISK = [ type="block", source="/dev/sda4", target="hdb", readonly = "no"]

and the "raw" construction:

RAW = [ type="xen", data="disk = ['phy:sda4,hdb,w' ]"]

but neither of them seems to work.....

What is the right way to use a physical partition of the physical node 
as a VM disk or partition???

Please note that this should be a case similar to the use of LVM in 
OpenNebula as disk for the VM... Could anyone please provide and example 
of a VM template file that uses LVM???


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