[one-users] [ONE 2.0Beta1] Vm keeps in pending stage.

rbottino at ic.uff.br rbottino at ic.uff.br
Fri Sep 24 10:10:38 PDT 2010


We have a group trying to create a private cloud here at UFF, Brazil.
We are using the opennebula 2.0beta1, CentOS5.5 x64 in both frontend and
But some problems are happening. Right now, when we try to create a vm
with opennebula, it keeps on pending stage.

There are no errors on oned.log and im_xen.log, one_hm.log, one_vmm.log,
tm_nfs.log and vm.log are empty. It's not creating the deployment file.

Any help would be appreciated!

Raphael Bottino

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