[one-users] Opennebula 2 and VM monitoring problem

Łukasz Oleś lukaszoles at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 01:01:32 PDT 2010

W dniu 25 października 2010 00:27 użytkownik ukasz Ole
<lukaszoles at gmail.com> napisał:
> Hi,
> I'm testing opennebula 2 and I have some problems with monitoring:
> I launched two VMs. onevm list showed them as running.
> Then I destroyed one VM (xm destroy) to simulate VM crash, but after
> 1h onevm list still showing this VM as 'running'
> Shouldn't it be  'failed' or something?

Ok, don't bother. I didn't updated my git repository, it works fine now.

Łukasz Oleś

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