[one-users] onevm saveas problem

Carsten.Friedrich at csiro.au Carsten.Friedrich at csiro.au
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Hi Javi,

My first guess would be that the network interface in the VM has problems. You can confirm this by starting the VM with VNC enabled. If it comes up alright log in through VNC and check the network interface connection.

Hard to guess what went wrong, but one thing you might want to look at: Some Linux distros (and I don't know if ttylinux is one of them) keep track of what network cards they have seen (identifying them by their MAC address). The first time a network card is found, it is bound to a network device, e.g. eth0. If Linux then finds a network card with a different MAC address it assigns it to a different device, e.g. eth1. It does so even if the first card is not present (as it interprets this scenario as "a second card has been added to the machine and the first one is currently (temporarily) disabled"; which with real network cards that don't change their MAC address is the most likely scenario). Now, this does not work well with OpenNebula as the VM is likely to get a different MAC address for each launch; this will be assigned to a new network device and your /etc/network/interfaces file probably only includes a configuration for eth0 (which does not exist). If this turns out to be the case, there is a setting in Linux to prevent it from remembering cards. I forgot what exactly it is, but it should be easy to Google.

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I'm using OpenNebula 2.0 and I'm trying to save a VM with the "onevm 
saveas" command. The VM is the ttylinux provided by you as example and 
the only modification that I've made is create a file. The problem is 
that when I start the saved VM (with the same parameters except the 
Image name) I can't access it using ssh.  If I execute "onevm show 
<id>", Its status is "runn" and it has an private IP address assigned.
Any idea what is happening?

Thanks you in advance.


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