[one-users] Unknown state

Rich Wellner rkw at objenv.com
Tue Oct 26 16:08:13 PDT 2010

Hey guys,

I have monitoring turned down to a minute so that I don't have much 
latency on my management while we're doing testing.  As a result, when I 
do a shutdown on a vm sometimes the shutdown isn't complete before the 
next monitoring update.  What ends up happening is that the state of the 
machine goes from running to shutdown, then a bit later to running 
again.  Finally, when the guest shutdown actually complete, the state 
goes to unknow because One doesn't know why the machine disappeared.

It would be better if this race condition were handled more elegantly 
and One could tolerate that the machine took a while to shutdown.  As is 
a manual clean-up has to happen.  I have also confirmed that my one 
minute monitor cycle only makes the problem more likely.  If, by 
coincidence, someone asks One to shutdown a vm slightly before the 
monitor thread kicks off, this issue shows up.  So it seems any machine 
that is shutdown where timeToShutdown > timeUntilMonitorRefresh will end 
up in an unknown state.


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