[one-users] Express Installation Script.

Daniel.MOLDOVAN at cs.utcluj.ro Daniel.MOLDOVAN at cs.utcluj.ro
Thu Nov 4 07:11:33 PDT 2010

There are several peculiar issues regarding the opennebula node. Firstly,
it copies some files in /tmp/ and they get deleted on system restart.
Second, i found that it did not create /var/lib/one with coresponding
access rights.

So, in order to make the opennebula node work you need to take some steps
each time the node is restarted(i am using Ubuntu server):
1. Copy the content of /usr/lib/one/remotes from the machine where nebula
client is installed to /tmp/one ( create /tmp/one) on the nebula node
2. sudo "mkdir /var/lib/one" (if folder does not exist)
3. sudo "chmod 0777 -R /var/lib/one" (just to be certain give anyone
rights to access one)

Also, i have found that on the nebula client machine i need to perform
some similar tasks after system restart because folders keept
1. export ONE_AUTH=/$HOME/.one-auth
2. export ONE_XMLRPC=http://localhost:2633/RPC2
3. sudo mkdir /var/run/one
4. sudo mkdir /var/lock/one
5. sudo chmod 0777 /var/run/one
6. sudo chmod 0777 /var/lock/one
7. one start

Hope this helps, because even with the express install configuring nebula
takes time. For example, the express install does not have any means of
adding the rsa key to the authorized_keys of the nebula client so even if
the deploy will work, the "stop" of a virtual machine fails. In this case
the authorization keys have to be passed manually.

> Hi All,
> I think that the express installation script has some issues, I have
> been struggling for successful installation of OpenNebula 2.0 for past few
>  days.
> The variable *ONE_LOCATION=/srv/cloud/one *is used in the script but I do
>  not see any such folder created by the script later. When I try to
> deploy vms , it get created in  /var/lib/one/ and the error logs shows that
> theres some permission issues.
> Please let me know if anyone has also face the same issue and got it
> resolved.
> Regards.
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