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Luca Lorenzini lorenzini.luca at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 08:50:55 PST 2010

I've some problems to create the exact vm template for any distribution
different from Ubuntu. I want to try OpenSuse for my vm's images but or i
get status failed [1] o if I delete the  KERNEL variable in the template I
get "No bootable device". the image isnt corrupted, infact i can use it
using kvm from console (kvm -hda /public/images/osuse.qcow2 -m 1024).
Some suggestions?

PS: It's possible to add in the website some tested and working templates?

[1] ~~~~~~~~~~~ vm.log ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Wed Nov 17 17:29:15 2010 [VMM][I]: Generating deployment file:
Wed Nov 17 17:29:47 2010 [VMM][I]: Command execution fail:
/tmp/one/vmm/kvm/deploy /var/lib/one//26/images/deployment.0
Wed Nov 17 17:29:47 2010 [VMM][I]: STDERR follows.
Wed Nov 17 17:29:47 2010 [VMM][I]: error: Failed to create domain from
Wed Nov 17 17:29:47 2010 [VMM][I]: error: monitor socket did not show up.:
Connection refused
Wed Nov 17 17:29:47 2010 [VMM][I]: ExitCode: 255
Wed Nov 17 17:29:47 2010 [VMM][E]: Error deploying virtual machine
Wed Nov 17 17:29:48 2010 [DiM][I]: New VM state is FAILED

~~~~~~~~~~~ vm template ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

NAME   = osuse test
MEMORY =1024

OS = [
    BOOT    ="hd",
    KERNEL    ="/vmlinuz", # i made a link on / pointing at
    INITRD    ="/initrd", #i made a link on / pointing at
    ROOT    ="sda2" #mount execution on the vm states  "/dev/sda2 on / type

DISK = [
    SOURCE     = "/public/images/osuse.qcow2",
    TARGET     = "sda",
    CLONE     = "no",
    SAVE     = "no",
   DRIVER     = "qcow2"

INPUT = [ type = "tablet", bus = "usb" ]
GRAPHICS = [TYPE = "vnc", LISTEN = "localhost"]

FEATURES=[ acpi="no" ]

~~~~~~~~~~~ generated deployment ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<domain type='kvm'>
        <cmdline>root=/dev/sda2 </cmdline>
        <boot dev='hd'/>
        <disk type='file' device='disk'>
            <source file='/var/lib/one//26/images/disk.0'/>
            <target dev='sda'/>
        <graphics type='vnc' listen='localhost' port='5926' />
        <input type='tablet' bus='usb'/>
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