[one-users] installation open nebula

salma rebai rebai.salma at gmail.com
Tue Mar 30 02:11:24 PDT 2010

just i would specify that i use kvm as hypervisor.
Please , can someone help me and tell me that is there configuration or
modification to do to resolve my problem
thank you

2010/3/30 salma rebai <rebai.salma at gmail.com>

> hi
> First, i'm sorry for my bad english, i can't speak it fluently..
> i'm trying to install open nebula on ubuntu 9.10, but i fails. i used this
> tutorial in this url: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenNebula
> The  problem is , after i add the cluster node and when i check the result
> with onehost list, i find this
> HID NAME                      RVM   TCPU   FCPU   ACPU    TMEM    FMEM STAT
>    0 ubuntu-laptop.local         0             0    100
>  err
>    1 ubuntu-laptop.local         0             0    100
> on
> the free cpu==0, So when i submitted my VM template, the state of VM is
> constantly pending!!!!
> can someone help me please or give me a tuto that can help me to install
> open nebula and set up my private cloud.
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