[one-users] error while loading shared libraries: libsqlite3.so.0

Nuno L. Ferreira nunolf at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 07:42:45 PDT 2010

Olá Jaime,

Jaime Melis wrote:
> Apparently the problem is that the source
> install doesn't take care of symlinks properly, since the libraries need to
> be also under /usr/lib64, that's correct, right?

Exactly so. The configure utility (without any flagging) will install 
the sqlite 64 libs under /usr/local/lib. This breaks down several 
critical packages, including apache, yum and rpm. I tried with the 
sqlite 3.6.17 (as in your manual), though sqlite is now at 3.16.23. 
Probably it behaves the same way.

> As soon as I find and an sqlite src.rpm compatible with CentOS 5, and test
> it I will update the Platform Notes section in OpenNebula's documentation
> and point out that source installations are not the proper way to go.
> [1] http://wiki.centos.org/PackageManagement/SourceInstalls
Accordingly to CentOS guys, src.rpm is the way to go. I did not searched 
for a sqlite3*.src.rpm due to lack of time.
Good hunting and BTW, damn good job you guys are doing there in Madrid. 
EGEE awards are well deserved ;-)


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