[one-users] occi interface -some undocumented features

Gary Mazz garymazzaferro at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 00:19:05 PDT 2009


I been running the occi interface though some of its paces as I'm 
getting the "C" cli working. I've run into some unexpected features. I'm 
using the latest code from trunk.

1) The compute resources do not list VMs or hosts create with one-hosts 
(using the dummy driver).
2) Retrieve bad/malformed resource: HTTP responses 404 to unknown 
resources send a bunch of sinatra "wise crack" junk in the body
3) Retrieve unknown resource: HTTP responses 500 "Internal Server Error" 
to unknown resources/uuid. The body contains message 
"<title>NoMethodError at /network/AAABBB</title> and  a backtrace
4) Resource Delete: Always returns OK/200



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