[one-users] Is OpenNebula mult-threaded?

Shi Jin jinzishuai at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 12:54:49 PST 2009

Hi there,

Recently I have started to explore the scalability of OpenNebula. One
question is whether OpenNebula is a multi-threaded service. Since it
currently only operates on a sqlite database, I guess it probably is
not.  Am I correct here?

Also, I asked this question before: is there any plan to work with
MySQL or any other database? The answer I got was no. So I am
wondering if this is something that can be obtained via a contract,
probably together with the multi-threaded feature? However, I feel
this is a crucial feature of OpenNebula and maybe it should be
included in the open source project, perhaps in a longer perspective?

Thanks a lot.
Shi Jin, Ph.D.

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