[one-users] I cannot create virtual machine with onevm

Rodrigue CHAKODE Rodrigue.Chakode at imag.fr
Tue Nov 10 07:18:36 PST 2009


I have the following error when I try to run onevm command I have the
following issue in sched.log and the vm still stay in pending state

Virtual Machine: 0
        0       0
Tue Nov 10 15:57:46 2009 [SCHED][I]: Dispatching virtual machine 0 to
HID: 0
Tue Nov 10 15:57:46 2009 [SCHED][E]: Exception raised: Unable to
transport XML to server and get XML response back.  HTTP response: 403

I say at
http://lists.opennebula.org/pipermail/users-opennebula.org/2009-October/001054.html some peoples have the same problem. Anyone have a solution?

The command $ telnet localhsot 2633 works fine and return 

Connected to localhost.localdomain.
Escape character is .

Thank in advance


Rodrigue CHAKODE
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