[one-users] vmcontext script for RPM based distro

Miguel J. - Templeir mjcampos at citic.es
Wed Mar 18 03:23:25 PDT 2009

Hello Gavin

I have the script modified for Centos and run correctly, but I've a problem when Centos Boot. I wrote about it in userlist:


I can send you the script if you give me your mail. I would know, how do you configure ubuntu to boot VM correctly without restarting network interface with the vmcontext script?


    Hi Everyone,

    Firstly I would like to say thanks very much to all involved in the
    development of this awesome project.

    It took me a little while but have managed to get my cluster up and it
    is running like a dream.

    I am using the current vmcontext.sh script successfully on
    Ubuntu/Debian based vm's however I would like to also deploy
    Centos/Fedora based vm's in a similar fashion.

    As I am not much of a bash scripter I was hoping that someone else has
    modified vmcontext.sh to suit Centos/Fedora ??? And if possible would
    they mind sharing their code with me??

    Thanks and Regards,

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