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Ruben S. Montero rubensm at dacya.ucm.es
Thu Mar 12 09:57:25 PDT 2009

Just to add few comments to Rauls mail:
On Thursday 12 March 2009 17:15:54 Damien Cerbelaud wrote:
> Hello,
> I've successfully set up and run OpenNebula on a shared Ubuntu-KVM
> Centos-Xen infrastructure, and I am very pleased to see that you guys
> did a great job, and everything runs smoothly. I still had a couple
> questions that could ease ONE's use that is:
> - Is there a Graphical interface to ONE allowing people to monitor
> machines, add templates, ...?

Not right now, but it is certainly in our roadmap. In fact we plan to
start working on it in the context of Google Summer of Code. Chek
the OpenNebula management console Ideas in:


> - How does the admin node chooses between hosts with different
> hypervisors? I had a couple times a Xen image sent to a KVM node, and
> provisioning failed.
As Raul says, the IM probes can be easily extended to add any attribute like

Then in the VM template you simply add


And the scheduler will only pick hosts with HYPERVISOR attribute equals to "xen".
This is a great suggestion. I'll add a ticket to have this in the next release of OpenNebula.

> - Is there a way to gracefully remove an item from the database? each
> time I do onehost/onevm/onevnet delete <myitem>, the VID still stays
> "occupied" and the next VID is incremented.
Well this one is more difficult. VIDs of removed VMs (for example, when they are DONE)
are not reused because the VM data is kept in database for accounting purposes



> Thanks a lot for your help and support !
> Regards,
> -damien
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