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Hi Rangababu,

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On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 5:26 AM, Rangababu <rbabu at hexagrid.com> wrote:

> Hi
> First of all thanks for providing the Java API.  I have couple of questions
> about it.
> (a) What is the difference between VmState & LcmState?

The VmState are a step up the ladder than the LcmSates. In fact, the
LcmStates are all contained in the ACTIVE VMState, i.e., the LcmStates are
the unfolding of this ACTIVE state. When the VM is in any other VMSate than
this ACTIVE one, the LcmState is always at LCM_INIT.

Take a look at include/VirtualMachine.h for a complete list of the states.

> (b) The junit test OpenNebulaClientTest has a lifecycle test method where
> in, after calling vmallocate, vmdeploy is called. Do we always have to call
> vmDeploy? If we add couple of hosts to openNebula host list and call
> vmallocate, wont OpenNebula figure out which host to use? Is it required to
> call vmDeploy with a host Id? or is it only available for users who want to
> specify which host their vm should reside on?

The deploy call is intended to be used by the scheduler. You can just
allocate the VM and the scheduler will be in charge of finding a suitable
host, and place the deploy call to the core using the appropriate host_id.

hope it helps, please do not hesitate to ask further doubts.



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