[one-users] Java API questions

Rangababu rbabu at hexagrid.com
Tue Jun 16 20:26:02 PDT 2009


First of all thanks for providing the Java API.  I have couple of 
questions about it.

(a) What is the difference between VmState & LcmState?

(b) The junit test OpenNebulaClientTest has a lifecycle test method 
where in, after calling vmallocate, vmdeploy is called. Do we always 
have to call vmDeploy? If we add couple of hosts to openNebula host list 
and call vmallocate, wont OpenNebula figure out which host to use? Is it 
required to call vmDeploy with a host Id? or is it only available for 
users who want to specify which host their vm should reside on?


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