[one-users] Virtual Cluster Tool by CRS4 Distributed Computing Group

Ignacio Martin Llorente llorente at dacya.ucm.es
Tue Jun 30 01:34:52 PDT 2009

Dear OpenNebula users,

We have added a new related tool to the ecosystem.


VCT – Virtual Cluster Tool supports basic cluster-level operations,  
delegating to OpenNebula, patched with custom drivers, all VM-handling  
details. See http://dc.crs4.it/tools/vct

The tool has been developed by Gianluigi Zanetti and his team in the  
Distributed Computing Group at the Center for Advanced Studies,  
Research and Development in Sardinia.



Ignacio M. Llorente, Full Professor (Catedratico): http://dsa-research.org/doku.php?id=people:llorente
DSA Research Group:  web http://dsa-research.org and blog http://blog.dsa-research.org
Globus GridWay Metascheduler: http://www.GridWay.org
OpenNebula Virtual Infrastructure Engine: http://www.OpenNebula.org

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