[one-users] New Google group on High Performance and Grid Computing in the Cloud

Ignacio Martin Llorente llorente at dacya.ucm.es
Mon Jun 29 06:16:12 PDT 2009

Dear OpenNebula users,

In order to address the growing interest in High Performance Computing  
and Grid Computing in the Cloud, we have created the HPCcloud group (http://groups.google.com/group/HPCcloud 
). The purpose of this group is to present experiences and scenarios  
by individuals, organizations and projects to illustrate how Cloud  
computing can enhance the different types of distributed and high  
performance computing infrastructures in science and engineering. The  
group covers the following aspects about innovative potential,  
benefits and challenges of new Cloud technologies and services in High  
Performance Computing (HPC) and Grid Computing research and business:

- Cultural, security, political and legal barriers to implementing  
Cloud provisioning models in HPC and Grid environments
- Architectures for integration of Cloud technologies and services  
with HPC and Grid infrastructures
- Standardization of interactions between HPC and Grid platforms and  
Cloud infrastructures
- Limitations of existing Cloud services and technologies for the  
capability and capacity computing demands of the HPC and Grid  
communities in the execution of both tightly-coupled HPC and loosely- 
coupled HTC applications
- HPC Clouds offering platforms with HPC devices and configurations,  
and Scientific Clouds offering specific services for the scientific  
and technical computing community
- Impact of virtualization on the performance of memory, CPU and I/O  
intensive, and latency sensitive applications, and virtualization  
support for specialized communication transports
- Service and infrastructure scalability and elasticity management for  
the efficient execution of virtualized HPC and Grid platforms
- Challenges of porting HPC applications to the Cloud and new  
computing paradigms for HPC on Cloud


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