[one-users] ONE 1.4 onehost command extra option

Borja Sotomayor borja at borjanet.com
Fri Jul 31 09:57:52 PDT 2009

Hi Sven,

> Im not sure if we are both talking about the same subject here. Im talking
> about the drivers available for onehost to add a physical machine, like
> vmm_kvm, im_ssh, etc. In all reality, its not a very big deal, but it comes
> in handy when adding a new machine. Since I dont do that often, I always
> need to look up what drivers to specify..

If you're going to add hosts with the same drivers as previously added
hosts, you could use "onehost show hid" (replace hid for the ID of an
existing host) to show all that host's properties, including its
drivers. This would at least allow you to see the driver names on the
console without having to look them up in the guide.

fyi, this is the output you would get from onehost show:

ID                    : 6
NAME                  : cluster05
STATE                 : MONITORED
IM_MAD                : im_xen
VM_MAD                : vmm_xen
TM_MAD                : tm_nfs

[... and a whole bunch of other stuff, but the three lines above are
the drivers ...]


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