[one-users] /etc/qemu-ifup:could not launch network script

Harsha Buggi Harsha_Buggi at mindtree.com
Thu Jul 9 03:32:38 PDT 2009


     I have defined the NIC in the vm template as


    When I try to create a VM using onevm command I get the error

    /etc/qemu-ifup :could not launch network script
   Could not launch network script

   But if I create a virtual network using onevnet command and configure the NIC as
   NIC =[network=private_network]
   I do not get this error.

   I would like to specifi the mac  in the VM template as I am
Using the vmcontext script to assign ipaddress to the interfaces. How can I do this?

My host machine is fc8 running KVM. I cannot use the tunctl command as the image I am cloning is that of a vyatta router.



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