[one-users] VM deploy issue

Damien Cerbelaud dcerbelaud at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 09:02:41 PST 2009

Hello folks,

I am running in a strange issue while deploying a vm on my
installation of opennebula.

The admin node is installed on Ubuntu 8.04 server, and the host on a
CentOS 5.2 machine. all ssh softwares are up-to-date.

When using "onevm deploy <vid> <hid>", the command in tm_clone.sh

exec_and_log_ "ssh opennebula chmod a+w /path/to/disk.0"

fails for the following reason:

ERROR: Connection reset by peer.

It is quite strange, as the first command (uploading the disk image on
the host) runs well.

Any ideas about what is going on?

(NB: the issue arises as well from a remote connection to the admin
(putty) and from a local login.)

Any help greatly appreciated !!



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