[one-users] OpenNebula on BladeCenter H

Ivan Porro pivan at dist.unige.it
Fri Feb 20 07:37:01 PST 2009

Dear all,

we are going to test One on a small IBM infrastructure.
Does anyone have any experience/suggestion to install OpenNebula on a 
BladeCenterH with HS21 Blades (2x2.5GHz Quad Core Xeon) and Infiniband? 
  On the OS we'll probably have CentOS 5.2 / RHEL 5.2 which should be 
painless for One but the Infiniband may be not

We also have some QS22 Blades but I think OpenNebula is not happy with 
the Cell/BE PowerPC core exposed to the OS even if I've found this 

Any hint on the two topics is welcome! Thank you in advance


voice: +39 010 353 2789
fax:   +39 010 353 2948

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