[one-users] Further suggestions for 1.4

Boris Nikolai Konrad boris.konrad at uni-dortmund.de
Thu Feb 12 04:51:52 PST 2009

Dear OpenNebula Team,

thanks for adding my suggestions to the ticketing system.
After thinking about my intended use, a few more things came to my mind,
which would be helpful. I checked the existing tickets, so I hope not to
repeat existing ideas again.

1. The probably most important improvement for me, would be "host
parameters". Similar as suggested in ticket #17 for vms, I'd like to have
some kind of differentiation of hosts. Like one group of all host with
Intel processors and one group of all hosts with Opterons. Then you should
be able to limit the deploying of one vm either in its template or with a
special command to a specific group. So that I can have vms, where I know
that they are running on a specific type of hosts. Another use case would
be a group of hosts only used for web services, one group of hosts for
students vms and a group of hosts only used for internal applications etc.

2. In addition to ticket #33 I'd like to be able to ask ONE for the total
available capacity and if there is capacity available to run a given VM,
so I know beforehand, if a created VM will be deployed immediately.

3. Some relevant XEN-parameters are not detected by the
template-generator. Sure you can use the RAW block, but it would be nice,
if the following parameters can be used in the ONE-template:
- bootargs (pretty important - at the moment you can only use kernel_cmd,
but if you use a bootloader, the bootargs need to be in the RAW part)
- no. of virtual cpus (vcpu)

Maybe you can also improve the documentation of the RAW block. BTW: is it
any possible to send more than one line into the xen-deployment file?

Cosmetic: Maybe the no, of characters for the vms name displayed in onevm
list can be configurable, to display more than 8 chars?

Best regards and thanks for all your work on OpenNebula,

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