[one-users] ONE and VMWare: configuring contextualization

Nikola Milutinovic n.milutinovic at levi9.com
Wed Dec 2 07:57:08 PST 2009

Tino Vazquez wrote:
> Hi Nikola,
> Sorry for the delayed answer. You are completely right, there is some
> code lacking to actually add the ISO as a CD to the image (we think
> this is the easiest way to go). If you take a look at lines 226-233 of
> src/vmm_mad/vmware/DeployVM.java, you can see some commented lines
> were the code to perform the CD adding should be. I've opened a ticket
> [1] for you to track this issue, I will code it and try it out as soon
> as I have some spare time.

Thank you Tino for looking into it. I agree that Java code might be a 
better place for this functionality. I could make it work in the shell 
script, if I find the time. Still there are some things to consider, 
like what if the VM already has a CD defined, either as a physical 
device or an ISO image. Maybe a second CD drive should be used. Etc....

We here have a specific and controlled situation, which may apply poorly 
on a general use case.

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