[one-users] Memory on Host

Rangababu Chakravarthula rbabu at hexagrid.com
Tue Dec 1 20:19:59 PST 2009

We are using Opennebula 1.2 and we have observed that the free memory value
that opennebula has differs from the actual memory on the host. Here is the
output from onehost list

 HID NAME                      RVM   TCPU   FCPU   ACPU    TMEM    FMEM STAT
   19                5    400          384    400     8073920
6646536   on

As per that it thinks it has about 6.6 GB available memory on HID 19.

However when I logon to and do "free -m"

                   total       used       free     shared    buffers
Mem:          7884       2536       5347          0          8       1135
-/+ buffers/cache:       1393       6491
Swap:            0          0          0

It is 5.3 GB.

We saw that when a VM is requested with 6 GB, opennebula failed to deploy.

Should ONE frequently update its db with the actual available memory?

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