[one-users] issue on "A VM with Context & Network 1.4"

Kun Jia kjia at platform.com
Tue Dec 1 03:05:59 PST 2009

Hi all

  I followed steps in document in "A VM with Context & Network 1.4" to
run a simple VM. But I hit the following issue:

The following line can be found in vm.log 

Tue Dec  1 17:18:31 2009 [VMM][E]: No kernel or bootloader defined and
no default provided.


Check template tylinux.one  in package ttylinux.tar.gz, I found that no
OS section defined in the template. And the document does not mention
configuration on kernel/bootloader. I selected kernel in my system and
used ttylinux.img. The VM cannot be started up also. 


I think that there should be kernel and initrd files in ttylinux.tar.gz
and the document should be updated to add configuration for them.

Did someone hit the problem as me? Correct me if I am wrong.





Kun Jia


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