[one-users] Build system problems searching for xmlrpc library

Javier Fontan jfontan at fdi.ucm.es
Tue Sep 30 09:28:01 PDT 2008


There have been lots of problems with the build system when it tries  
to figure out the correct parameters to compile/link with xmlrpc. We  
have been improving the script that searches for that parameters and  
now it tells more information when it can not compile test programs.  
There are also log files created in .xmlrpc_test directory that you  
can use to check what went wrong and eventually sending those files to  
de mailing list so we can add more recipes to build OpenNebula in your  

I am so sorry this caused so much problems to some of you and I hope  
these changes fix most of the problems you have or at least give some  
more clues on what went wrong.

These changes are not in the release tar.gz file, you have to download  
them using svn using the instructions at http://trac.openbula.org:

$ svn co http://svn.opennebula.org/one/trunk one

Note: if you have difficulties using subversion note that the files  
changed are /SConstuct and /share/scons/get_xmlrpc_config.


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