[one-users] Problems with scons command: "host_parser.h:228: error"

Javier Fontan jfontan at fdi.ucm.es
Tue Jun 17 08:21:16 PDT 2008

Hello Alvaro,

I don't really know what can be happening to your modifications but I  
can give you some hints:

   * main_env seems not to be defined, it needs to.  
"main_env=Environment()" is commented.
   * This line "main_env['ENV']['PATH']=os.environ['PATH']" probably  
does exactly what you want, gets the path from the environment. If  
you have your executables in other places just add them to PATH  
environment and scons will import that paths.
   * The problem you are getting in the first place (before modifying  
SConstruct) is caused by scons not finding the compiler. Leave  
SConstruct as it was and before calling scons add "/OVS/software/bin"  
to your path.

Anyhow, we are about to release a new technology preview pretty soon.  
I can not tell you exactly when (we are right now finishing things).  
In this release we address some issues as the flex/bison requirements  
(now that files wont be rebuilt again by default so you wont need  
these utilities).


On Jun 17, 2008, at 4:50 PM, Alvaro Canales wrote:

> Dear users,
> I'm trying to install ONE, but I get this error:
> scons: Reading SConscript files ...
> scons: done reading SConscript files.
> scons: Building targets ...
> g++ -o src/host/Host.o -c -g -Wall -Iinclude src/host/Host.cc
> src/host/Host.cc:449: error: declaration of C function 'void  
> host_lex_destroy()' conflicts with
> host_parser.h:228: error: previous declaration 'int host_lex_destroy 
> ()' here
> scons: *** [src/host/Host.o] Error 1
> scons: building terminated because of errors.
> This output occurs after adapting the Sconstruct file (following  
> http://www.scons.org/doc/0.98.5/HTML/scons-user/c1410.html  
> instructions), because I have installed all ONE requisits in /OVS/ 
> software, not a "typical" path.
> My Sconstruct file is as follows:
> ...
> # This is the absolute path where the project is located
> cwd=os.getcwd()
> # Environment that will be applied to each scons child
> ## Old
> #main_env=Environment()
> #main_env['ENV']['PATH']=os.environ['PATH']
> ## New
> main_env['ENV']['PATH'] = ['/OVS/software/bin', '/bin', '/usr/bin']
> ## Note: doing
> # main_env = Environment(ENV = {'PATH' : os.environ['PATH']})
> ## or # path = ['/OVS/software/bin', '/bin', '/usr/bin'] # main_env  
> = Environment(ENV = {'PATH' : path})
> ##doesn't help neither.
> # Add builders for flex and bison
> add_lex(main_env)
> add_bison(main_env)
> ...
> Prior to making any change to Scosntruct file, I got this output:
> scons: Reading SConscript files ...
> scons: done reading SConscript files.
> scons: Building targets ...
> o src/common/ActionManager.o -c -g -Wall -Iinclude src/common/ 
> ActionManager.cc
> sh: o: command not found
> o src/common/Attribute.o -c -g -Wall -Iinclude src/common/Attribute.cc
> sh: o: command not found
> ar rc src/common/libnebula_common.a src/common/ActionManager.o src/ 
> common/Attribute.o
> ar: src/common/ActionManager.o: No such file or directory
> scons: *** [src/common/libnebula_common.a] Error 1
> scons: building terminated because of errors.
> ...which led me to inspec the file.
> What do you think? Can you help me adapting the Sconstruct file or  
> I'm wrong and this is not the source of the problem?
> All software prerequisites have been tested and are in their  
> correct version.
> Thanks in advance!
> -- 
> Álvaro
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