[one-users] New Technology Preview (TP2) of the OpenNEbula (ONE) VirtualInfrastructure Engine

Ignacio Martin Llorente llorente at dacya.ucm.es
Wed Jun 18 12:36:21 PDT 2008

Dear OpenNEbula users,

The dsa-research group (http://dsa-research.org) is pleased to  
announce that a new Technology Preview (TP2) of the OpenNEbula (ONE)  
Virtual Infrastructure Engine is available for download under the  
terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. ONE enables the dynamic  
deployment and re-allocation of virtual machines on a pool of physical  
resources, so extending the benefits of existing virtualization  
platforms from a single physical resource to a pool of resources,  
decoupling the server not only from the physical infrastructure but  
also from the physical location.

ONE Technology Preview 2 extends the functionality for management of  
both physical resources and virtual machines, and provides resources  
for developers, making public the Trac web interface (http://trac.opennebula.org 

More details at http://www.opennebula.org/doku.php?id=documentation:irntp2

**Relevant Links**

  * Benefits and Features: http://www.OpenNEbula.org/doku.php?id=about
  * Documentation: http://www.OpenNEbula.org/doku.php?id=documentation
  * Release Notes: http://www.OpenNEbula.org/doku.php?id=documentation:irntp2
  * Download: http://www.OpenNEbula.org/doku.php?id=software

Ignacio M. Llorente, Full Professor (Catedratico): web http://dsa-research.org/llorente 
  and blog http://imllorente.dsa-research.org
DSA Research Group:  web http://dsa-research.org and blog http://blog.dsa-research.org
Globus GridWay Metascheduler: http://www.GridWay.org
OpenNebula Virtual Infrastructure Engine: http://www.OpenNebula.org

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